No More Biting: NY Residency Barn Rehearsals. by Lindsey Abudei

A phone recording of rehearsals for Hassan's set for one of our performances during our New York residency. He graciously gave me room to play around with this piece:)

In recording:

Hassan Estakhrian  | Lead Vocals, Tenor and Bass Guitar.  

Silvia Sauer | Soprano. 

Lindsey Abudei(Me) | Alto, Lead vocals(II) and Percussion.

Ailís Ní Ríain | Piano. 

The Walls. by Lindsey Abudei

Only the walls know our stories. 

They wear the dents of our grief and sadness

And hold the silence of our darkness.

Submerged in chaos

And yet maybe we can get out.

Maybe we can walk home.

The Vow. by Lindsey Abudei

She tore down their sacred place.

She said, "I'd rather live with nothing than with stained pillars.Nothing remains to hold if all is dust."

And so with her broken hands,she picked herself from the ruins and walked into oblivion's warmth.


My Live Session with The Perfect 4th String Quartet. by Lindsey Abudei

A couple of months ago, I started planning and rehearsing for Lindsey Abudei w/The Perfect 4th String Quartet.

It was my first time working with a string quartet (save for having the double bass/cello and violins as stand-alone accompaniments) so it was something I was excited about. Wanted an intimate session to share with the audience.Wanted it to feel like a conversation I invited them in for.

I didn't get enough mats/pouffes/ cushions as I'd wanted but I made do with some of my wrapper and cloth material + the cushions,throw pillows and a rug from a few friends.

Will let these photographs tell more:)





Day out at Bem's exhibition. by Lindsey Abudei

Have you ever looked at what someone you know has done and marveled at how amazing they are? Well,that's exactly how I felt about Bem's exhibition for his album, Stark.

Too much to say but I guess the photographs I took of the exhibition would give you an idea. You can view here.


I forgot to capture people with headphones on,listening to music from the album while staring at his photographs for Stark. It was a beautiful day.☺