Thirst. by Lindsey Abudei

© Lindsey Abudei 2018

© Lindsey Abudei 2018

Your thirst led you to the belly of the ocean.
Her gravity pulled you in and there you are, drowning.
You thought too much of yourself.
You should have asked when she kissed you at her shores.

Your feet will never touch the earth again.
The stars are a fairytale now. 
You will lay there- imprisoned
By your thirst.

Never. by Lindsey Abudei

I have never known love-the one you speak about. 
The butterflies...
I have no flower beds stuck in my belly. 
So, why would they come? 
I have known unrest, 
Peace in short breaths. 
Chaos in long stretches
And I have known you.  


No More Biting: NY Residency Barn Rehearsals. by Lindsey Abudei

A phone recording of rehearsals for Hassan's set for one of our performances during our New York residency. He graciously gave me room to play around with this piece:)

In recording:

Hassan Estakhrian  | Lead Vocals, Tenor and Bass Guitar.  

Silvia Sauer | Soprano. 

Lindsey Abudei(Me) | Alto, Lead vocals(II) and Percussion.

Ailís Ní Ríain | Piano. 

The Vow. by Lindsey Abudei

She tore down their sacred place.

She said, "I'd rather live with nothing than with stained pillars.Nothing remains to hold if all is dust."

And so with her broken hands,she picked herself from the ruins and walked into oblivion's warmth.