Little Note. by Lindsey Abudei

Don't leave this place
With fragments of yourself pinned to the wall.
If you have to, no matter how long it takes, 
Go, take them back. 

Find yourself again. 


Tell. by Lindsey Abudei

 © Lindsey Abudei 2018.

© Lindsey Abudei 2018.

They say, "Tell your father's story."

But what if it is one that has wrung me dry

Made me dance on the edge of my last breath

And is one that will tear me apart again and again

Everytime you ask me to?


The Stranger. by Lindsey Abudei

© Lindsey Abudei 2017

The stranger is my keeper.
Heart rolled up beneath her sleeve.

"Know more, say little. "she says. 
Tuck it in so no one sees
Run from contempt.

When it's hard to breathe
And your sleeves are torn, 
Come here.

Take my cloak.
Let me keep you.