White. by Lindsey Abudei

© Lindsey Abudei

I dwell in white spaces
So, when the rain falls
And the sun comes up, 
You see the dirty scars of the last flood.

I dwell in white spaces
So when darkness comes, you can hear the stories
The ones that only light can tell.

I dwell in white spaces
Hoping for peace.

Opening for Asa Live In Lagos Encore. by Lindsey Abudei

April 29, 2017:

The day I got to share the stage with Asa in Lagos,Nigeria. Besides the sound,one thing I was happy about was the stage lights. Only some know how lights help tell our stories.

It was a beautiful evening. All the craziness backstage was forgotten:)

My Set List w/ Nsikak and Philip on Acoustic Guitars.

  • Drift Away
  • Leaving
  • Freedom And I.