11. by Lindsey Abudei

Take your spell off me

I'm not what you want

She's gone, you know?

She told me what she did

Bound to your spell

And then the sun broke in

Bled into her creaks

Warmed her back into the sea

She left me a kiss

Her freedom bore me.

The Stranger. by Lindsey Abudei

© Lindsey Abudei 2017

The stranger is my keeper.
Heart rolled up beneath her sleeve.

"Know more, say little. "she says. 
Tuck it in so no one sees
Run from contempt.

When it's hard to breathe
And your sleeves are torn, 
Come here.

Take my cloak.
Let me keep you. 

Thirst. by Lindsey Abudei

© Lindsey Abudei 2018

© Lindsey Abudei 2018

Your thirst led you to the belly of the ocean.
Her gravity pulled you in and there you are, drowning.
You thought too much of yourself.
You should have asked when she kissed you at her shores.

Your feet will never touch the earth again.
The stars are a fairytale now. 
You will lay there- imprisoned
By your thirst.

The Walls. by Lindsey Abudei

Only the walls know our stories. 

They wear the dents of our grief and sadness

And hold the silence of our darkness.

Submerged in chaos

And yet, maybe we can get out

Strung up on its ladder.

Maybe we can walk home.